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Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop74.0.3729.56

Manage your remote machines or provide tech support

Chrome Remote Desktop is a remote access application that allows users to share or take control of a remote machine.Managing multiple machines can be a hassle. Provide technical support can be even more of a headache. Chrome Remote Desktop solves...
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  • anil Yadav Yadav

    by anil Yadav Yadav

    nice. 123568889cjdmdsbsdnvdufuhjnsdfyhwdjnwehudijndwhuifjndhsdvdbvnd

  • by Anonymous

    time waster. cant give opinion as it isnt possible to set up.laptop is windows 7, icon appears after what appears to be download of app,takes you to enable window, check ok, and back to enable app. sometimes a request to create pin appears, as the field box will not allow an entry this too is useless. you would think a windows app would be easy to set up in windows. not so, it just wont set up deaMore