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Help & Info about Chrome Remote Desktop for windows

  • Is Chrome Remote Desktop Secure?

    This remote desktop application does not transfer any files between the remote and the host device unless the user explicitly requests it. This means it is secure for the user, however the device that is being remotely accessed can still be at risk if proper precautions are not taken locally.
  • Is Chrome Remote Desktop Free?

    Like many services and applications from Google, their remote desktop software is free. It is available to download under a BSD license, which is a permissive free license with minimal restrictions on the user. Most of the restrictions that are imposed would not be an issue for a typical user.
  • How Fast is Chrome Remote Desktop?

    The speed of any remote desktop application is largely dependant on certain external factors, such as the power of the systems running the software, and the connection between the two devices. In most reviews and user opinions, Chrome Remote Desktop appears to match it's competitors in terms of latency speeds.
  • What is Chrome Remote Desktop?

    Chrome Remote Desktop is a browser plugin and mobile application that allows a user on one device to connect over a network connection to another device with remote desktop enabled and then control it. This app requires the Google Chrome browser or ChromeOS to be installed on the remote device.
  • What is Chrome Remote Desktop Host?

    In remote desktop software, a host is the system on which the user is accessing their remote desktop from. For example if you were to use a tablet computer to control the desktop of another computer in the house, the tablet computer would be considered the host in the connection.
  • Is Chrome Remote Desktop Encrypted?

    When connecting to a remote desktop using Chrome, the entire session is AES encrypted over a secure SSL connection. This means that the connection between the devices is safe and secure, protecting both the devices and the data. This makes it suitable for use over public networks like the Internet.
  • How to Install Chrome Remote Desktop?

    Chrome's remote desktop application requires Chrome browser or ChromeOS to be installed on the system to be remotely accessed. From there, install the web app and enable remote connections in the settings. Once this is done, you should be able to connect to it from any client you're logged into.
  • How to Transfer Files With Chrome Remote Desktop?

    Native file transfer is not available in Chrome's remote desktop app. As using the app requires you to be logged in to your Google account at both ends, the easiest way to transfer files is to copy them into your Google Drive account. Once the file is uploaded, simply download.
  • How to Remove Chrome Remote Desktop?

    If removing from desktop machine, the web app can be removed from within Chrome by finding it in the apps section of Chrome and uninstalling it. If on a mobile device, the app can be uninstalled the same way any regular app is uninstalled. This will depend on the platform.
  • How to Launch Chrome Remote Desktop?

    Once the remote desktop app is set up on both the host and remote computer,  launching the software on a mobile device is a simple matter of clicking its icon like any other mobile app. On desktop devices, open Chrome, find the remote desktop web app, and simply launch it.


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